Alcia Face
Close up of Alicia's hand embroidered beak and eye; a mixed media sculpture by Michele Tway.
Alicia Facing Right
Alicia, a mixed media bird sculpture by Michele Tway facing to the right.
Alicia Facing Left
Alicia facing right with an example of how she could be displayed.
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Alicia was inspired by many of the fantastic colors of Arizona. With a warm color scheme born from their unique desert sunsets and the copper and turquoise found there; Alicia would be at home anywhere a quiet splash of color is needed. Long and flowing auricular ‘feathers’ help to make her multi-layered embroidered eyes really stand out. The bright electrical wire on her feet and many of the yarns that were crocheted into her beautiful covering were recycled. Free-form crochet; which by definition doesn’t follow a pattern or rows, was used to create her delightfully random and unique covering.

Size: 11.75 x 4 x 9.75

Alicia will be on display from April 5, 2024 until April 27, 2024 at the Arts & Culture Alliance of Knoxville, TN as part of the GoFigure: Exploring Three-Dimensional Figurative Art exhibition; where she is available for sale and shipping is available.