Calypso Front
Calypso - fiber art sculpture by Michele Tway
Calypso Facing Left
Calypso, mixed media sculpture by Michele Tway
Calypso Facing Right
Calypso - a mixed media and fiber art bird sculpture by Michele Tway
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Calypso was inspired by the blue and green waters of the Caribbean. He was made with around 20 different cotton, acrylic, metallic, silk and animal fibers. He measures approximately 8” tall, approximately 4.5” wide and approximately 8” long. His beak is made with a combination of needle felting and hand embroidery with wool roving and cotton, polyester and metallic threads. Calypso’s crest is made with reclaimed fibers from pillow fringe. $465

Calypso is part of the Southern Highland Craft Guild Attributes Focus Gallery Exhibition. The exhibition runs from February 18, 2023 until May 22, 2023. If you would like to see Calypso (or my other birds in this exhibition) in person, please visit the Folk Art Center 382 Blue Ridge Pkwy (milepost 382) in Asheville, NC or call 828-298-7928.