Juniper Front
Hello there; my name is Juniper. I'm a sculpture by Michele Tway.
Juniper From Left
Juniper, by Michele Tway, looking to the right, with her lovely green, freeform crochet coat.
Juniper Facing Right
Juniper, a mixed media and fiber art bird sculpture by Michele Tway.
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Juniper was named for the wonderfully vibrant and varied greens found in forests every spring. Her beak was made using hand-embroidery over a needle felted surface to create a bit of a moss-like look and feel. Her free-form crochet covering was made from numerous yarns, most of which were re-homed from other artists and crafters. From the tips of her claws to her prominent eyes; every aspect of this mixed media and fiber art sculpture was created as she was made. Like all of Michele’s work, Juniper was designed with intentioned randomness to be utterly unique.

Size: 8.5 x 3.25 x 6

Juniper will be on display from April 5, 2024 until April 27, 2024 at the Arts & Culture Alliance of Knoxville, TN as part of the GoFigure: Exploring Three-Dimensional Figurative Art exhibition; where she is available for sale and shipping is available.