Sylvester Front
Sylvester, bird sculpture by Michele Tway
Sylvester Facing Left
Sylvester, a mixed media and fiber art bird sculpture by Michele Tway
Sylvester Facing Right
Sylvester, a mixed media bird sculpture by Michele Tway.
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I had planned on making a white on white bird for a long time. But, I just didn’t have enough coordinating yarns to make his coat interesting. I would guess it took about a year to gather all of them. Even then, once I got started, I knew something was missing. It would be several months before I discovered what that missing piece was. Was it any wonder that it took 3 tries to get his name right too?

Three, quite small balls of yarn, maybe 1.5″ around, made everything change. You might even be able to guess what yarn this was, because it’s the very thing that this fellow needed to become Sylvester – the bird with beautiful mohair spikes on the top of his head. It was such a small amount that a friend, who is a spectacular weaver, debated even saving it for me. I’m so very glad she did. It propelled Sylvester from where he languished on my worktable to a place in the Southern Highland Craft Guild Attributes exhibition in early 2023.

I’ve been told that Sylvester now resides with a lovely family of four.